"Unique Henan·Drama City" Behind the Light Project

About Henan, about drama

After more than 1,300 days and nights, "Unique Henan·Drama City" (hereinafter referred to as "Unique Henan") with a total investment of 6 billion is China's first panoramic and fully immersive theater theme park, which belongs to Henan Province's A-type key project. Unique Henan was built by Jianye Group and Wang Chaoge, and GTD Group was deeply involved in the project and was responsible for the creative production of visual art, part of the interior lighting and all the exterior lighting projects.

"Unique Henan" uses the strong and solid Central Plains culture as the theme and immersive drama art as the technique. The whole project makes full use of drama elements. The theaters are independent and connected to each other. Walking in it, you can "see, hear, smelling and touching the strong atmosphere of the Central Plains culture, even the tourists walking in it have become part of the drama. This is a time and space perfectly wrapped in drama, and it is also a perfect blend of modern intelligent technology and the precipitation of millennia of history. .

Regarding drama, there is a new definition for the world.

Hidden installation 


In "Unique Henan", in order to let every visitor who enters can deeply appreciate the charm of the drama, the director broke the traditional setting of "the performance can only be watched in the theater", so that the drama may be staged in the space around the tourists at any time. All spaces need to be "see the light but not the light". GTD lighting project uses the trinity of "point, line and surface" for hidden construction and installation, so that the outdoor lighting is perfectly integrated into the landscape without damaging the facade of the building, maximizing the overall style of the building and allowing visitors to immerse themselves in it. No play". And create different experiences for visitors at different time periods; for example, in the daytime, visitors see the building landscape, and the night landscape lighting outlines the “different style” of the buildings during the day. During theatrical performance time, the lighting is again It is converted into light for stage performances, which brings the best effect for theatrical performances.


In this fantasy city of light and shadow and 27 scene spaces, the story of the GTD engineering team is hidden behind almost every light and shadow.

GTD Intelligent digital control system

In addition to lighting engineering, the lighting control system in the "Unique Henan" project also needs to integrate theatrical lighting, landscape lighting, building facade lighting, indoor lighting and other functions into one. This combination of professional lighting design and engineering technology is attributed to a set of intelligent digital control system customized and developed by GTD for the project. Through this set of intelligent digital system, multiple teams can simultaneously achieve a high degree of collaboration and intelligence. Regulation. "Sound, light, electricity, painting" integration, all types of professional broadcast consoles, audio and video software and hardware can be highly integrated; a variety of control methods are flexible and convenient, mobile APP can also be easily operated, which can be used for debugging and rehearsal Various project scenarios such as those are also very convenient for the follow-up routine operation of the park; the system can also be used for remote operation to solve on-site problems. The wireless link mode bids farewell to the traditional line construction complexity, cross construction, site damage and pollution and other issues, effectively reducing the overall cost of the project.

New lighting products shine on the land of dramas

Based on the premise of high integration and intelligent linkage control, it can be freely switched between various scene expressions and functional applications. There is no difference between indoor and outdoor use. The lamps that can do this no matter from the production process, the protection level, the length of use and the quality itself In other words, they are all higher than the standard of ordinary waterproof and indoor lamps on the market, and the lighting products of GTD Cultural Technology Group do this. In the "Unique Henan" project, GTD used the newly launched full protection lighting technology product Water Kylin series on a large scale, fully interpreting the concept of "full protection". Including GTD-F3 II BEAMGTD-F5 II BEAMGTD-F10 II Profile these three main new products.